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Hospital Management System (my second full fledged program)

Blabbering... You can skip it Hi buddies ... Sorry for no being able to post any blog for a long time. There were so many topics on which I wanted to post and so many newly gained knowledge that I wanted to share, but I was not able to gain the permission of long standing and ever persistent time. My new college, new friends, so many things to learn, so many things to know about and without forgetting, for my vested intrest in literature and cinematic, watching movie, tv shows and reading novels, kept me engaged throughout the half year! The one thing I realized that computer science is a vast domain and the is always so much to learn!!! Well as the title goes here I am to talk about my second full fledged program. Ya, second, my first was a simple paint program, developed by me as an assignment for Xth ICSE Board exam. It is a sad thing that I am no longer in the possession of the source code or the final program, but proof of it is sill buried in the assignment records of my