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Migrating from Gitolite with Redmine to Gitlab

Recently, SDSLabs , the campus tech group of IITR I am a member of, migrated from Gitolite with Redmine to Gitlab. I found the materials available on this matter is very less and mostly we had to invent our own wheel to move our repositories, issues, wikis and users to Gitlab. So I thought of writing a blog post, in case any one in future may need these steps and so that he may not have to reinvent the wheel. Note: To follow the guide you need to first have an administrator account(i.e. its active browser cookie and private token) in Gitlab and need an Redmine administrator account key for Redmine REST API. Important: All the scripts given are dependent on the and the file of the original repo: . So to use it, clone the repo  or tweak the script to be independent of them. First comes the transfer of the repositories . Well this is the easiest part of the story! There is an official guide for this and a rake t