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Migrating from Gitolite with Redmine to Gitlab

Recently, SDSLabs , the campus tech group of IITR I am a member of, migrated from Gitolite with Redmine to Gitlab. I found the materials available on this matter is very less and mostly we had to invent our own wheel to move our repositories, issues, wikis and users to Gitlab. So I thought of writing a blog post, in case any one in future may need these steps and so that he may not have to reinvent the wheel. Note: To follow the guide you need to first have an administrator account(i.e. its active browser cookie and private token) in Gitlab and need an Redmine administrator account key for Redmine REST API. Important: All the scripts given are dependent on the and the file of the original repo: . So to use it, clone the repo  or tweak the script to be independent of them. First comes the transfer of the repositories . Well this is the easiest part of the story! There is an official guide for this and a rake t

My personal hostel wifi auto login

Well, as usual this is also about a solution to one of my problem! At my hostel we were provided with a wifi that requires login. The problem is that this wifi logs you out every 30 mins. So every 30 min we were forced to fill in the login details, which was really distracting when you are in middle of some deep research or watching a youtube video! This sent me in search of a program which can help to automatically login into the wifi for us. I got plenty of apps for mobile. My personal favorite is  WiFi AfterConnect Web Login .  But I was not able to get any such app for computers. So, I decided to write a program which will login into the wifi for us. My first intention was to develop it in a language which compiles to native binaries like c++. But upon research I found very good headless browser for Java, but failed to do so for others. The other language for which the solution was a easy one was c#, which I didn't know, nor, was in a situation to learn it.

SMS Updates for IIT Roorkee News

Hi buddies!! This time I am here with a new SMS solution. This is similar to the first one . This is for automatic SMS updates for the News Board at IIT Roorkee website . I found out that, although most of news come up on our internal online notice board, a few important ones come up on this board. Since news over here are not so frequent, no body, forget regularly, ever cares to check this board. So I thought of bringing up a automatic daily checker script, which checks up the notice board for new news and notifis by SMS on your mobile. Deploying this is almost similar to the first one. At present I am just giving the links to script: Just follow the steps given on my first post to setup the calender and the triggers. Once you are done, just sit back and relax, you will get all your notification on your mobile!! If you like it do not forget to share this blog!!