My personal hostel wifi auto login

Well, as usual this is also about a solution to one of my problem!

At my hostel we were provided with a wifi that requires login. The problem is that this wifi logs you out every 30 mins. So every 30 min we were forced to fill in the login details, which was really distracting when you are in middle of some deep research or watching a youtube video!
This sent me in search of a program which can help to automatically login into the wifi for us.

I got plenty of apps for mobile. My personal favorite is WiFi AfterConnect Web Login

But I was not able to get any such app for computers.
So, I decided to write a program which will login into the wifi for us. My first intention was to develop it in a language which compiles to native binaries like c++. But upon research I found very good headless browser for Java, but failed to do so for others. The other language for which the solution was a easy one was c#, which I didn't know, nor, was in a situation to learn it.

After that, I thought that I should make the source code public so that if, someone is in need of a similar app, he/she can use it. This app is very simple and basic. You can easily modify it to your needs!

Note: This is written in java, so to use this you are required to have Java installed.

Here is the link to github page :

Download links:

Linux and OS X:

Hope you enjoy it. If you want to improve it, you can do so and send me merge request!
If you want some additonal features, you can comment, over here. I will try to work on them.


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