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My journey in the land of Operating Systems

A small lore: The legend has it that a Creature was wandering in a dark deep forest. One day, he was commanded by the Great Master to write a bootup code for a dummy kernel. Confused what it was and how to write it, he started reading up old scrolls and searching for ways to complete the task. His research made him realise that he needed to write something called a 'boot sector'. He came across many guides and books on Operating Systems, but they all started with the kernel using some other boot loader. Then he came across a magic scroll which showed him the right path, enlightening him on his way. Then he successfully finished the task. That night when he was grazing the stars, he recalled that a long time back he had wandered onto a path that lead him to develop a small kernel. He remembered that he had to abandon the path because he took a wrong turn somewhere and was not able to find anyway ahead. Now having written a bootloader, he could now vaguely see the mistakes h