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Testing the waters of Lisp

Lately, I have been exploring Lisp, Common Lisp to be more exact and I have seen some of the stuff ways out of imagination. I am going to talk about two such feature here. The next three paragraphs are giving the background of my relationship with programming languages and Lisp. Feel free to skip it and bite directly into the juice. I can code in few languages and they belong to a wide range of paradigms. The first language I learned, in what can be said in depth was Java. I learnt it in my high school and later the deeper stuff in the first year of my college. I have also explored Ruby, Python, C, C++ and a few more languages. Having explored all these somehow made my perception of computer languages different. I could see the good points and bad points of all those languages and only opinion I had about languages are they are made of different kinds of stuff for different reasons and they are beautiful in themselves. And obviously, I either stayed out of language wars or suppor