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How to stop SMS notifiacation for Gmail

Here I have described how to stop automatic SMS notification for you Gmail mailbox(If you have set it up by my method or any other method) After I have written my first blog on how to set up automatic SMS notification for your gmail mailbox I received some communication (obviously my first readers were the ones directly in contact with me so you wont see them in comments) asking how to stop the notification. I know techies will be laughing their stomach out at this, but still it may prove to be a great problem for common people. So, I will address the same problem over here. Method 1: Simple, pull the plug I you want to get rid of this completely and in near future you do not wish to re-initiate the SMS notification again the simply delete the file containing the code. 1.First go to : and sign in if prompted 2.  If you have set it up using my steps as described in my previous blog then you will find a file name "Copy of Gmail Notifi

Gmail SMS Notification For New Mails(new, easy and simplified meathod)

Here is a new and easier way to setup your Google Account to receive free and automatic SMS notification to your mobile for new mails in your Gmail Inbox. (Steps to setup only for Priority Inbox(Important Mails) is also provided .) Hey there may be many reasons why you need SMS notification for your new mails in your mailbox. As usual, Google does not fail us in this venture also. Although Google does not provide us with direct service for SMS notification of our mails, but there is a way out of this using the calendar remainder via SMS. My approach is not new. In fact if you Google for it you will get hundreds of such ways. But I found out that they all were almost the same and a little tricky to setup (although not for techies, but for common men). So, I spun up  a new and easy to setup method for it. It does not require any Gmail filter setup or any manual setup for remainders. All you need is to setup your mobile number and the script triggers. What it does is that it check