Gmail SMS Notification For New Mails(new, easy and simplified meathod)

Here is a new and easier way to setup your Google Account to receive free and automatic SMS notification to your mobile for new mails in your Gmail Inbox.
(Steps to setup only for Priority Inbox(Important Mails) is also provided .)

Hey there may be many reasons why you need SMS notification for your new mails in your mailbox.
As usual, Google does not fail us in this venture also.

Although Google does not provide us with direct service for SMS notification of our mails, but there is a way out of this using the calendar remainder via SMS.

My approach is not new. In fact if you Google for it you will get hundreds of such ways. But I found out that they all were almost the same and a little tricky to setup (although not for techies, but for common men). So, I spun up  a new and easy to setup method for it. It does not require any Gmail filter setup or any manual setup for remainders. All you need is to setup your mobile number and the script triggers.

What it does is that it checks for new mails every 10 mins and if you have a new mail then setups a calender event for notification.

Without any more intro let me take you directly to the steps:

(Click on the images to enlarge them.)

Step 1(Warm Up):

Simple, first sign in into your Google account.

Step 2(Mobile Number Setup):

1.Go to this address:

2.Go to settings 

3.Go to 'mobile setup' tab
Enter your mobile number and click on 'Send verification code' button
Wait till you receive verification code on your mobile.
Then enter the code in the given field and click on 'Finish Setup' button.

The next page provides you some option. Select as per your need(it does not effect our procedure) and then click on save button.

Step 3(Script and Trigger Setup):
Don't get afraid its not that geeky ;)

1. Go to following URL as per your need:For General Inbox(All mails including promotions and social networking updates):


For Priority Inbox(Only important mails, as marked automatically as per your usage):

2.Go to File -> Make a copy

3.A new tab will get opened.
This is your own copy of the script.
NOTES: You can make the following changes in the script:-
1.This program checks 10 messages every 10 minutes. If you need to modify it then change the value of variable 'max' in the first line. (Set it to a reasonable limit considering that a large limit may use higher processing time, in turn upsetting the time frame setup and also increasing the load on Google servers)
2.If you are setting up multiple mailbox for the same mobile number then you may need a way to distinguish between them. You can do so by changing the value of variable 'calName' in second line to a different name for each mailbox.(You receive this name at the end of each SMS.)

4.Go to Resources -> Current Project's Trigger

5.A dialogue box will get opened.
Click to add new triggers.

6.Set the trigger as follows:
Run: checkMessage
Event:Time Driven - Minutes Timer - Every 10 minutes.

Click on 'Save' Button

Note: Don't get tempted to set it up 'Every minute' instead of 'Every 10 minutes'. It will send you notification for newly received mail for 10 minutes. If you still want to do so then you will have to make little tweaks in the code. I have left a comment at appropriate place. If you know what you are doing you are free to do so. 7.It will request for Authorization. Click on 'Continue'.

8. Click on 'Accept' Button.

Bingo! You are all set to go!!!

If you encounter any problems then you are free to leave a comment. I will try to answer it as soon as possible.


    No Mobile Setup tab?

  2. Sadly Google Calendar has removed the feature mobile notification feature. So this no longer works.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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